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Wireless Battery Chargers

We are proud to be amongst the first pioneers to make this latest wireless battery charging technology available. This used be in the realm of science fiction but thanks to the creativity and innovative spirit of our partners it is now possible to charge your electronic device wireslessly by simply placing it on the charge pad and let electromagnetism do the rest of the chores for you. We offer a wide range of battery cases which act as the charging receiver ready to charge your device such as Iphone 5, Iphone 4, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia and other smart mobile phones.

The wireless charger makes mobile phones and other devices battery charging child's play or to use another cliche NO PLUG & PLAY.

For more info on the full range please CLICK HERE

  • Wireless Charger Kit
    £45.00 (inc VAT) £37.50 (ex VAT) Choose Options Wireless Charger Kit
    This is our latest product in battery charging technology. We are offering a wide selection of wireless chargers to suit almost every make and model of smart phones and tablets such as Iphones 4 and 5S, Nokia, Samsung,...

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